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About Kenneth Darryl Brown:

Passionate Entrepreneur, Sales, Web and Profit Evangelist, Speaker, Trainer and Writer,  B2B Sales 2.0 Expert.Sales 2.0 B2B Expert-Business coach for passionate business owners and entrepreneurs who seek more sales, profits, greater success and not afraid embrace new technologies to grow their companies!

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Sales 2.0 Free Webinar:  Why Business Should Embrace the Power of the Web to Increase Sales & Profits

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Kenneth was selected as one of the Top 25 Influential Sales Leaders by InsideView for 2011 and 2012. His show, “The Passionate Entrepreneur “ was picked as one of the best podcasts for small business by Anita Campbell’s Small Business Trends for 2010 and 2011. Ken is a sales expert blogger-contributor for Growth University and Address Two University.  He has appeared and published over twenty-five commentaries and articles in Atlanta Journal Constitution, Atlanta Tribune, Business to Business, Catalyst and Emerge Magazine, Creative Loafing, Champion Newspaper, Ezine and Impact Articles.

What is my business passion?

Empowering Passionate Entrepreneurs and Business Owners! I enjoy educating people on how to leverage the web to increase sales and profitability. Also, I share the best practices and principles for technology, business sales and profitability! I love working with passionate entrepreneurs in growth-oriented industries! I empower business owners and show them how to be more profitable by increasing sales and maximizing technology to improve productivity and efficiency.

Sales 2.0 Free Webinar:  Why Business Should Embrace the Power of the Web to Increase Sales & Profits

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